UnSPACE is an interior design studio established in 2000.

Our design approach is to communicate with people through unfamiliar visual languages and with their hearts. Like good poetry, our design is based on simplicity, clarity and free form restrictions. To find beauty in simplicity, our design process starts by reduction of all reducible elements, both visual and intangible.

During our design process, we will discover the true beauty in absolut minimum state. Once we reach this point, we will start expressing our artistic language for heart warming experiences.

UnSPACE was founded in the year 2000 by Ji Rook Kim after obtaining his Masters in Architecture from Columbia University and spending 3 1/2 years in Japan.  In Japan, he worked at the Itami Jun Architectural Research Institute, where his architectural training evolved into a passion for Interior Design.  After his enlightening experience, Ji Rook returned to the United States to establish the firm in New York City, incorporating his knowledge and experiences into projects, wherein structure is infused with respect for the human scale and the materiality of one’s surroundings.