My Suit Wall Street

Wall Street, New York

Completion Date: March 2011
Area: Approx. 2,200 sq ft.  
Program: Retail

Photo Credit: Christophe Randall


The interior of the My.Suit includes two primary areas, upon entry, customers can explore “magnetic fabric walls” and “digital mannequin’s” this is where customers can freely explore their suit options. The “fabric pods” (uses magnetic to attached to the metal paneled walls) is movable and can be arranged freely to show recommended fabric selections, each customers can take pods to examine millions of combinations for their buttons, inner linings and stitching colors and fabrics etc. Additionally, there is video projections tour of “How to MySuit” where first time customers can see all available option in 4mins. After the tour, customers can actually start building their suit using the IPAD.

we wanted to create a store based on Mysuit’s website. The virtual store in their website is so intuitive and easy to use, we wanted to reflect the user friendliness and innovativeness to the tangible store. The store is exploded view of their web site where all objects and functions are as intuitive as their website interfaces. Just like using pull down menu, we wanted to have seamless interaction between components, options and information easily available to see and touch in real life.